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Friday, August 25, 2006

Google Inc. acquires google.cz too

Just as I had predicted, google.cz was the next target of Google Inc. after taking google.hu. Google.cz now redirects to www.google.com instead of Google Czech; similarly to google.hu. Unlike Google Hungary (Google Magyarország), Google Czech Republic never existed, so it will be also an interesting issue when will the next steps be taken by Google in order to acquire higher market share in Czech Republic.

If you are curious how google.cz looked like before, visit http://www.globalsearch.cz/

As a sidenote, two Hungarian domains have been shut down recetly where a proprietary search engine was delivering its own search results:

  • hoogle.hu
  • magyargoogle.hu (=hungariangoogle.hu)
In addition to the slightly deceptive domain names, both sites looked almost identical to Google's websites.

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