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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Google Inc. acquires google.hu

Google Inc. finally managed (or simply decided?) to comission patent and trade mark attorneys to acquire google.hu. As I wrote earlier in my previous post (About www.google.hu) the domain name was used by a local company, so the address redirected to their own search engine. Since this search engine is not tied to any bigger portal, its traffic most likely will much less than the current average of one million monthly visits. The previous owner of this domain name announced yesterday that the domain had been transferred to Google Inc. based on an agreement signed on July 7th. The DNS servers have been updated to point to Google's server today.

Interestingly enough google.hu now redirects to google.com, instead of redirecting to google.co.hu, or serving the pages from this newly attained domain name.

Update: I have just noticed that the situation is somewhat similar in Czech Republic: perhaps google.cz will be the next target? (More info here...)

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