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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hungarian Search Engine Market Overview

Just as last year I have picked some website statistics and examined which search engines and directory sites are forwarding the most visitors to Hungarian pages. This time I have analyzed 50 randomly selected web sites. The results are based on 2006. July traffic data: the examined websites have registered 909.471 visitors during that month.

Google 62.71 %
25.16 %
7.41 %
1.43 %
0.74 %
0.68 %
0.68 %
0.40 %
MSN Search
0.38 %
0.30 %
0.20 %

Google dominates the market

The above graph clearly shows that Google is the market leader in Hungary. The second site, lap.hu is a link directory so this makes even bigger the difference between Google and its competitors.

What changed since last year?

Last year's analysis was made using different set of websites, so the results shouldn't be compared one-on-one. What is still clear that the most remarkable change is that kurzor.hu (having lost traffic coming from google.hu) have had much worse positions this July, it has been overtaken by vizsla24.hu and tango.hu the newest search engine launched this year, while other players have maintained their positions.

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