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Friday, January 20, 2006

Complete List of Hungarian Web 2.0 Applications

Unfortunately I don't have to work so much to compile a comprehensive list of Hungarian Web 2.0 sites (aka. web 2.0 under the .hu domain...) similar to Rian's impressive list, so here you are:


blogter.hu is basically a blog farm, but all of the hosted blogs are organized at a higher level than the usual: The main page features hand-picked blogs and blog entries, and the power of the tagged blog posts is also exploited not only on the blogger's own site, but on blogtér's (literal translation is blogspace) main page helping to access hosted content by tagging. In fact this is rather a web-site than an application, but up to know this is the only thing that I could enumerate.

So, that's all folks... As far as I know a Hungarian del.icio.us clone is also on it's way, but the release date is not known yet (a few months ago it was anticipated to this January)

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